Welcome to Arsh Industrial Solution Pvt. Ltd

Arsh Industrial solution pvt Ltd is a dedicated fastener manufacturing company in Indore, India. We gained experience and started manufacturing of fastener, Today we are well equippied and have almost all the in house facilities for the manufacturing of M.S.,High Tensile,Stainless Steel , Alloy steel and special purpose fasteners.

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About Us

Arsh Industrial Solution has been a fasteners manufacturer of high quality fasteners since its beginning in 2013.we have a wide variety of fasteners starting from Nuts, Allen Bolts & Stay Bolts, Screws, Studs, etc..


Our Products

It's good machinery that makes good products! Which is why, we adopted state-of-the-art technology from the very beginning. We offer a comprehensive range of Allen Bolts,stud bolts, which is used extensively in various..


Service & Support

Established in 2013 Arsh Industrial Solution is a company that manufactures supplies and a trade's wide variety of high quality fasteners. Serving our customer since inception, our core strength is manufacturing fasteners.


Arsh Management

Company's management team has vast experience, knowledge to innovate and stand up to market challenges.The results are for everybody to see! In just one year, we have successfully executed quite a few big corporate orders

Our Strength & Capabilities

The Company's service policy is aimed at ensuring proper and timely services to its customers across the country. It is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction with excellence in service quality and support. The quality of service and service accessibility are steadily improving with the setting up of new branches and service centers thanks to the growth strategies being adopted by the company from time to time.